Our extensive history has allowed Integrity Industries North to become industry leaders in environmentally friendly land clearing, reclamation, remediation, vegetation management and trucking services in western Canada.

Our specialities include:
  • Seismic Line Clearing (Low Impact Mulching Techniques)
  • Oilfield Reclamation & Remediation
  • Seismic Line Cleanup – Slashing & Hand Cutting Crews
  • Vegetation Management – Brushing & Weed Control for well site, powerline, pipelines and roadways.
  • Lease Site Construction – Access, Clearing & Preparation
  • Trucking Services – Gravel, Contamination and Heavy Equipment
  • Right of Way Clearing – Timber Salvage & Hauling, Brushing, Burning and Mulching
  • GIS – UAV’s, Photogrammetry and Maps
For more information on our other divisions, Sight Surveillance and Summit
Geo Inc., please follow the links below.